I’m guessing that you’re investigating my blog because you’re feeling stymied as to what you should do next with regard to someone you love. You’ve come to the right place! The question is, are you ready to take logical action in a situation that is totally emotion-based? Why would I be asking you a question like that? The answer is that I, too, have been in relationships, marriages, dating scenarios, and in-love. There were some mistakes that I seemed to simply have to make for myself. Logic didn’t fit into my repertoire when it came to love. As a result of my repeated refusal to engage mind above heart? My checkered history. It’s a history of broken hearts. Nothing is more painful.

So what did I do? I finally decided after having filed for divorce from two deeply unhappy marriages, to remain single. Single, I remained, for nineteen years! I buried myself in my career (I’m a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor). I did a little dating here and there, but was I lonely? Oh yes. Finally, I decided to try again. That was when I met and fell in love with my current (and yes, my third) husband and best friend.

Through all of these trials and trial-and-errors, I’ve learned far too much to keep it all to myself. So, I’ve decided to share my insights (earned in the school of hard knocks) with anyone who might be looking for some good, solid answers to some of the most emotional journeys I believe a person can undertake in one lifetime. That journey is known as "Love".

Here’s Hoping You Find Some Helpful Answers Here,
With Warmest regards,


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