Having endured months of grieving the loss of my five year relationship, at last I experienced a profound and healing “Aha” moment that I’d like to share with you:

“Good-bye” is a word,
nothing more, nothing less.
As I give it voice . . .
so that I might finally put
this love for you to rest;
so that I can bring closure
to this love that has for so long
inside my heart,
burned so brightly;
as if with a life, all it’s own.
Yes, a love that burned so brightly . . .
that it lit even the tiniest crevices
of this before, empty heart each time your eyes met mine.
It was as if I’d been lifted by love’s angel wings
upward, into billowy soft, white cloud places . . .
of unimaginable, joy.

It is time now.
Time that I come home . . . . to me,
to rest.
For I
, who sheltered and nurtured this mending heart,
I who now celebrates every small note of happiness it sings.
I claim this heart of mine . . .
with all of it’s wondrous gifts of love
that I, alone, create, nurture, then choose to give or receive
with daily, loving thoughts of those
for whom I care.

For it has been this heart of mine, alone,
that, all along,
sang sweet songs of love, of joy, of you.
you, who gave it the gift of new songs to sing, and wings to fly, but I,
who, with daily, loving thoughts of you
to see you in the loving, white light
that beamed so brightly from my own loving heart.

Now, go.
Go in peace.
But take not with you,
this loving heart of mine.
Take with you, only the dark and distant moods

with which you came.
In almost celebration
of this heart that will love again, I say to you,
“May God be forever at your side,
may He forever, keep you safe from harm . . .
For as I, now, offer you up
to His everlasting care and protection,
and as the real meaning of the word “good bye” is spoken . . .
“Go now.”

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